The 20 Hour Work Week For Real Estate Agents

How Technology Has Changed the Real Estate Industry

Emerging technologies in real estate are slowly beginning to change how real estate agents work every day. While the impact of technology in the real estate industry is still uncertain, one key detail shines through: real estate professionals are some of the hardest working people around. Agents spend hundreds of hours researching and prospecting for new listings every year, and the time they spend is taking real money out of their pockets – now and in the future.

Addresses are leads – and homeowner contact details are the holy grail. It takes a lot of time to build and populate a prospect marketing database with the right referral sources, homeowner information, and property details. Contact numbers and emails for the current homeowners are usually the biggest gaps, and keeping information up to date is also a time-consuming, too often a manual chore. 

Without the homeowner’s phone number or email address – there’s no real way to make contact except resorting to sending out endless, expensive, inefficient mailers that will likely be deemed ‘junk mail’ and tossed out without another thought – all in the hope they’ll remember your name when they want to sell. When mailers can cost between $0.45 – $0.72 each, it’s simply not a very cost-effective option any way you look at it. That’s a lot of wasted time and money for little return.

What’s the Best Technology For Realtors?

The best technology for realtors is the one that actually WORKS for them. There are many emerging technologies in real estate – the bulk of which are online platforms and individuals claiming to provide qualified leads, yet few can actually DELIVER. Agents can purchase (more $$ outflow) different lists from a variety of sources. The problem? Many are out of date, and still don’t provide the right information agents actually NEED. It’s a waste of time and money. 

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to find real, qualified prospects for your next listing within minutes so you can spend your working hours actually selling and not slogging through multiple databases and information sources? That is how technology has changed the real estate industry. Find the right technology, and suddenly, we could see a 20-hour workweek for real estate agents by simply using their work time as it should be used – creating more contracts, more sales, and more commissions, instead of spending endless hours researching.

At Ivy Data we say: Real estate pros, it’s time for a change. Stop wasting your time and your money! It’s time to work SMARTER, not HARDER! We can help.

Work Less, Earn More with Ivy Data’s Target Trace™

Ivy Data’s proprietary Target Trace software leaves time-consuming traditional prospecting methods in the dust. Using Ivy Data, real estate agents get a simple, user-friendly, single-source solution for Single Search, Circle Map, or CSV Batch Orders. Get everything you need in just minutes per day, so you can spend more time signing contracts, earning more commissions, and less time working.

  • 571 million+ phone numbers
  • 652 million+ email addresses
  • 152 million+ property records
  • 88% successful match rate

Three Easy Steps to More Qualified Leads – Turn Pennies Into Paydays!

  1. Text a property address directly to your account, or enter it in the search bar in your Ivy Date account.
  2. Get lightning fast details and contact info delivered right to your phone or laptop!
  3. Only pay for successful matches, so you’re not only saving time but money.

“100% of my orders are completed in under 60 seconds. My first order took 90 seconds with signup included. Thanks.” – Dan Ostrosk, Las Vegas

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