Effective Real Estate Prospecting and Real Estate Marketing Strategies

The Best Real Estate Prospecting and Lead Generation Tools for Real Estate Agents

The Difference Between Real Estate Prospecting and Real Estate Marketing

Understanding the difference between real estate prospecting and real estate marketing is also essential. Prospecting uncovers the leads you need NOW, and marketing helps build your brand and your future prospects. In order to plan and execute effective real estate marketing strategies, the more valid information you have about your target market and the prospects with it, the better you’ll do.

Ask any real estate professional what they believe the best marketing tools for realtors are, and you’ll get a bunch of different answers, but they all boil down to lots of work and sweat for not a lot of return. This leads us to problem number two: It can take a lot of time to build and populate your prospect marketing database with the right referral sources, homeowner information, and property details. Contact numbers and emails for the current homeowners are usually the biggest gaps, and keeping the information up to date is also a chore. When mailers can cost between $0.45 – $0.72 each, it’s simply not a very cost-effective option any way you look at it.

There is a simple solution, and it’s called Ivy Data. Ivy Data’s lead generation for realtors helps agents find the real estate leads they need NOW and set up the marketing database for your area of focus for future leads. The easy to use software operates on an affordable subscription model and per-match pricing for individual agents, realty groups, investors, and large real estate firms. The proprietary Target Trace™ feature is a true game-changer for individual real estate agents, small real estate offices, and huge companies that need enterprise real estate services for hundreds or even thousands of agents and affiliates.

All for just pennies per match.

Just text or enter a property address in your Ivy Data account, and get lightning fast details and available contact info delivered right to your phone or laptop! You only pay for successful matches, so you’re not only saving time, but also money. Single Search, Circle Map or CSV Batch Order, Ivy Data’s Target Trace gives you access to:

  • 571 million+ phone numbers
  • 652 million+ email addresses
  • 152 million+ property records
  • 88% successful match rate

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