How to Find Real Estate Leads

Lead Generation Tools for Realtors

When it comes to traditional prospecting real estate methods, like lead generation tools for realtors, most are time-consuming so realtors lose out on commissions. Even the best marketing tools for realtors can be cumbersome and hard to understand. In a lightning-fast digital world, slow, inefficient search methods involving multiple databases can leave even the best realtors struggling to keep up with the real-world pace. That’s money left on the table.

The internet, computers, and smartphones have streamlined how realtors communicate and interact with potential prospects. Realtors, investors, and others understand all too well that how to find real estate leads can mean everything from word of mouth to previous customers looking for a new home in the same area to slogging through multiple databases, legal notices, the trusty MLS, along with court records, and a host of other inefficiencies. And that’s not even including marketing!

Keeping a steady flow of leads coming into your business is essential, and it’s time to say goodbye to endless research and legwork and say hello to Ivy Data. The simple, easy-to-use software and proprietary Target Trace™ feature is a true game-changer for individual real estate agents, small real estate offices, and huge companies that need enterprise real estate services for hundreds or even thousands of agents and affiliates.

Ivy Data’s lead generation tools for realtors help agents find the real estate leads they need to turn pennies into paydays.

Using Ivy Data’s subscription database and proprietary Target Trace features, real estate agents, and other real estate professionals can streamline prospecting and spend more time closing. You’ll get real-time results in just seconds from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet all for just pennies per match. Using Ivy Data, you can automatically create orders, Target Trace single properties, create custom searches, and so much more!

For instance, you can use addresses from the same list of properties you would use for a mailer to capture phone numbers and email addresses for all of those homeowners – all for way less than the cost of a traditional mailer – eliminating the need for endless research only to find outdated or incorrect information.

Just text or enter a property address in your Ivy Data account, and get lightning fast details and available contact info delivered right to your phone or laptop! Plus you only pay for successful matches, so you’re not only saving time but money, too! Whether it’s a single Target Search, Circle Map or CSV Batch Order, using Ivy Data’s Target Trace gives you access to:

  • 571 million+ phone numbers
  • 652 million+ email addresses
  • 152 million+ property records
  • 88% successful match rate

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