What Are the Top Innovative Open House Ideas?

Innovative Open House Tactics for Real Estate Agents During COVID-19

The ongoing pandemic hasn’t been kind to the real estate industry, but that doesn’t mean that getting leads has to come to a halt. Although real estate open house ideas may look different to comply with social distancing, they can still drive homeowners to make offers, and ultimately buy. Our first hint? Technology needs to become real estate agents’ best friend. Keep reading to learn about the best marketing strategies for real estate agents right now.

Virtual Tours

In some states, COVID-19 cases are at an all-time high, and the pandemic is still impacting everyone. Once again, real estate agents need to pivot fast. Open house tours are a significant component in selling a home. Thanks to modern technology, this fundamental tool doesn’t need to be removed from the selling equation! Virtual tours are becoming more and more popular among eager future homebuyers who want to keep their distance. These virtual tours give potential buyers more power, as they can control the entire experience from start to finish. Creating exciting and engaging virtual tours is one of the top real estate marketing tips agents can use to their advantage right now. Bottom line: When real estate open house invitations are sent via email, adding in a virtual tour feature or link could have a significant impact.

Live Streams

In other areas, COVID-19 cases are trending downward, so some potential buyers are willing to social distance, while still attending open houses. For more reluctant buyers, consider filming a Live Stream on Instagram or Facebook while an open house is taking place. This simple method not only creates social media content but also potentially taps into larger audiences! Social media heavily influences people, so seeing a fantastic open house filled with interested people may spark those at home to take action and reach out. This real estate open house marketing idea comes down to the most basic concept of advertising: people want what other people want.

Virtual Home Staging

Real estate agents must accept the fact that the industry could very well transition to a majority of online marketing permanently. In this case, all the little details that agents put into a home need to be adapted to virtual opportunities. Staging the home with the perfect interior design could be a make or break feature. Luckily, there are apps and websites that allow real estate agents to stage the home with different stock furniture images – all virtually! For example, if a real estate agent has a client who is expecting a baby, they can create a nursery! Not only does this make it a more personal experience for future homeowners, but it also allows them to visualize the home’s layout without having to leave the couch.

Leveraging Neighbors

A common marketing strategy that many real estate agents overlook is the power of word of mouth. Future buyers often trust their friends, family, and neighbors when it comes to the home buying and selling experience. Real estate agents need to use this to their advantage! After selling a home, agents should keep building on past relationships. Although it may not seem like growing these types of connections is beneficial right off the bat, they will prove themselves to be important in the long run. 

Of course, the selling and buying processes are going through some growing pains right now. Once real estate agents make a few adjustments to their overall selling methods to include technology and virtual opportunities, they can expect buyers to come knocking (online or in-person!) 

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