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Owner Leads

Owners are 10x more likely to sell if a property is unoccupied.

A home without an occupant is more likely to sell – by a factor of 10. That’s an advantage you can’t afford to ignore! We use state-of-the-art rooftop geocoding, combined with national level data aggregation and non-public sources, to provide you with intelligence on vacant homes in your target markets. Our lists are furnished with contact information for the homeowners, including phone numbers and email addresses.

What’s Included?

Each vacancy list comes with all the contact information we can find for each property. That includes phone numbers and emails, plus the property address itself. We also append standard property information, including mortgage/equity information.


Ivy offers vacancy data nationwide, with at least one guaranteed update each month. We currently accept orders for ZIP code lists and county lists. Custom filtered lists are available for a very small premium.


Your data is delivered as a CSV spreadsheet and added to your Ivy account as a Batch Order. That means you can interact with and download your data as needed from your account. Your file will be delivered within 24 hours of order confirmation.

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