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With IVY Data today, I wanted to do a demo video for you guys and walk you through our single look-up function. So when I was going on the app, you’ll notice that it automatically takes you to the map search on the left toolbar, you’re going to click on single look up and single look-up is where you can research one off property addresses. You probably wouldn’t want to be doing more than two to five at a time if you had more than that, you just want to use our batting order a single look up. This might be for calling cancelling expired listings where the previous listing agent may have taken the seller’s contact information out of the listing that you want to call that homeowner. You can just take that property address and put it right here with or without the ownership information. 

So what I’m going to do here is start typing in a property address and our system will automatically finish that property address for you, and auto populate the rest of the information. There you go, the press search, and we should get a response within about a second or so. And we’re going to get it one of two responses. And the first thing that we’re gonna look at is whether or not there was a charge, if there was no cost here and no charge. That’s because we didn’t find any contact information. So we provide you with the property address, the ownership information, the sale history, the loan history, the title company that did the transaction.

We always run it through our vacancy and absentee owner database. We’re gonna provide you the tax information, parcel information, square footage of the property and all the property structure information down here at the bottom. But this didn’t cost you anything at all. So we’re providing this information completely free. So as an example, if this would have been an out-of-state owner or a vacation rental or rental property, we would have given you the tax mailing address. So if you were doing a mail campaign, you could actually send them a letter and get it to the right property address. So you can run your properties through a single look-up and you’re not going to have any charges that there’s no contact information.

Now, going to try the other one and pull contact information. So I press search again, within about a second, we’re going to get a response. And you can see this time that there was a charge and my charges outlined right here. And it’s telling me that it’s on phones and email addresses. So, again, property address. In this case, there were three emails, a single phone number, the date we found, the phone number, the ownership information. Again, the title company information, the loan history, sale history, the tax information, parcel information structure information at the bottom again.

And then on the right, you’ll see that we have this catalog of searches that we’ve done and we identify every search type for you. So as an example, this is a single look-up search and this was a search that was done in a batch order previously. And we store all these for you so that you’re able to go back and look at these properties in the future. So you’ll notice that some of these have a green dot and some have a gray dot. A green dot identifies the ones that we found contact information for. And there would be a charge if there’s a gray dot, that means that we didn’t find contact information and there was no charge. But we still provided you all the property sale history and loan history information completely free.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. Thanks.

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