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Hi Everybody, Kyle here with Ivy data. Today,I wanted to do a little bit of an introduction to you guys as to Ivy Enterprise. Ivy Enterprises, is a new product that we have just rolled out in mid-May with some title partners and wanted to give you a brief update as to what that is. So at our core here, you can see we have a very large database available for the real estate industry. Roughly one hundred and fifty two million property records, roughly 650 million email addresses, and just over five hundred and seventy one million phone number.

And what we’ve done is created this database and we have made it accessible for real estate agents and investors, brokerages, title companies and lenders to access this data in a number of ways you can utilize our map search. And you can create your own prospecting list or farming list based on criteria that we make available. Whether you are circle prospecting for a listing, just sold an open house if you were calling for absentee owned properties. If you want to market and prospect towards properties based on property type, sale date, sale price range, etc., we have a single Look-Up function so you can search for one off property addresses and you also have a batch order function so you can upload CSB files of property addresses and run them for contact information as well. Through our title partners, you are able to get access to this system as low as three cents per match. So I’d encourage you to reach out to your sales executive and they can get you invited onto the platform where you can actually get a free access account so you can get up to 50 matches per month for free through your title executive.

So reach out. They can get you invited onto the platform and you can check it out for free and see if you want to upgrade to any of the other plans that are available. Thanks.

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