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How much does it cost?

You pay for only what you get. We charge per successful query – that means at least one phone number or email address is returned for your leads. Check out our pricing page for details. Some of our partners offer Promo Codes that can help you get lower prices. Before every order you’ll see the estimated maximum price. That’s the price for the order if every single lead is a match. Believe it or not, that happens! Our system usually delivers a match rate of 85-95% for our clients.

Do I need to split up names and addresses?

No, you don’t! One of our favorite features is the automatic name and address splitting. Just upload your CSV file and our system will automatically split up names for you. We do the same thing for addresses! This feature alone has saved our clients thousands of dollars. We eliminate the need to manually modify files from the MLS or other sources, which saves you time and money.

What if I only have an address?

That’s no problem. Our nationwide property database will pull the most current owner and add it to your file automatically. That means you can identify target properties by address alone — no more manual research! You can upload a CSV with a single column – full address – and click Confirm! Your order is emailed to you directly.

Where do you get your data?

Ivy RE Data has the highest quality data, and we’re under NDA with multiple local and nationwide companies. We ingest data in all kinds of formats, clean it up, and add it to our own systems. That’s why our match rate is so high, and it’s the reason we can offer such low prices and fast delivery.

Can I run a test batch?

We think you’ll love our product. Signing up is super quick, you don’t need to choose a plan, and you only pay for only the data you get back. If you’re interested in the quality of our data or the match rate, we encourage you to visit the app and submit a test order. You can take delivery of your first order in under 3 minutes, signup included.

Are there any recurring charges?

You’ll never have to pay recurring charges (like a subscription fee). That’s part of our value! We deliver world-class data without the hassle of approval and monthly fees just to be a customer.

How can I request a feature?

After signing up for the app, just send us an email! You can also call a human directly, and our number is listed on the same page in case you need it fast. We welcome all your inputs, and we’re always developing new ways to streamline the business processes our customers find most effective.

How do I create an area to search on the map?

We have a few options available:

  1. You can pin any address in the United States on our map using our address search toolbar. Once pinned, you can choose to do a radius search around that property or click on Polygon Search to draw your own area around the property.
  2. You can use the Radius or Polygon tool to draw your custom area.
Can I choose a larger radius in map search, but only choose to match a certain number of records?

You cannot limit the number of results. However, you can use the search filters available to narrow your search results. You can also use the polygon drawing tool to reduce the area to get the count to the desired number.

Does each matched record tell me if the contact is an owner or renter?

We provide property ownership information – You should not receive information for tenants.

How many phone numbers and what phone types does each matched record provide?

We provide up to 5 different phone numbers and their phone type (Cell Phones, VoIP, Residential, etc)

Still have questions?

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