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Use Cases

Here are a couple ways our clients have continued to stay ahead of their competition with Ivy



A homeowner with a property in preforeclosure usually has an urgent need to sell. Real estate agents and real estate investors share a combined desire to pursue properties in preforeclosure – either to gain a listing or to make a cash offer to the homeowner.

The overwhelming majority of real estate professionals send mailers to homeowners as soon as they find out that a property is in preforeclosure. These mailers typically cost between $0.45 – $0.72 each! With the same list of properties you would use for a mailer, you can leverage Ivy RE Data to snag phone numbers and email addresses for all of those homeowners for less than the cost of a mailer.

  • Compile a list of addresses that are in pre-foreclosure. If it’s easier for you, we’ll supply the owner names for free. Lists are provided by title companies or the county tax assessor’s website.
  • Make sure your file is a CSV with titles for each column (file tips video)
  • Upload your list to your Ivy RE Data account (Sign Up Here)
  • Download your all-new CSV file appended with owner names, multiple phone numbers identified as residential or mobile, and email addresses.
  • Call, text, and email your contacts to make profitable deals

If they order mailers by the thousands, some investors and agents can lower their cost per letter to $0.50/mailer, but costs average as high as $0.68/mailer for smaller batches. This is the cost is for a one-time attempt to make contact with the homeowners, and they get dozens every day. It’s an expensive Hail Mary, and most of the time it doesn’t work out.

Ivy RE Data delivers up to 10 phone numbers for each property. Each number is identified by being a residential or mobile number, and we annotate the date that each number was last verified to be in use. You also get up to 5 verified email addresses for each homeowner, along with their last seen date. This allows our clients to make multiple attempts through many different avenues – text campaigns, call campaigns, voicemail drops, and email campaigns. These efforts can stand on their own, or increase the chances that your mailer makes an impact.

Make contact with homeowners before your competition’s mailers are even printed. From the time a mail campaign is started, it is typically 3-5 days before letters start arriving. With our system, a list of 2,500 addresses is typically processed in under three minutes. The time from creating a list, downloading all of the contact data, and starting your call campaign can be under 15 minutes. That means you’re already in front of the homeowners that your competition won’t touch for days.

Open House


Here’s what you want from your open house:

  • Exposure for your listing to the immediate area
  • Publicity for yourself as a listing agent to gain more listings
  • Attract buyers for properties in the same general area as the open house

Real estate agents traditionally rely on highly restrictive advertising channels to meet those goals. Open house signs are often only posted on the day of the open house. Post card mailers typically end up in the trash. With Ivy RE Data, you can prospect directly your target audience.

Drive traffic to your listings and win over future clients. Using a CSV file downloaded through the MLS, or requesting a list from your title company, you can access the phone numbers and email addresses for all of the homeowners with property surrounding your open house. Creative agents have used our data service to:

  • Increase overall traffic for important open house events
  • Gain new listings in their farm areas by initiating phone conversations with homeowners
  • Kickstart email marketing campaigns to specific neighborhoods
  • Create buyers and sell properties to homeowners in the area who turned out to be real estate investors

Our clients have incredible success stories that started with a list of 400 – 500 addresses in the immediate area of their open house. Turn the traditional model in its head and win clients by working smarter.



Wouldn’t it be extraordinary if you knew exactly where to go to get listings? A strategy you can truly win with and that you could build a BIG business on the back of. All it would take it for you to have the right DATA and a commitment to following up. What is this you ask? Circle prospecting.

What is Circle Prospecting? It is contacting homeowners in a radius from a recent sell or list in the area, which involves choosing a neighborhood and making contact with as many homeowners as possible within that area.

The goal here is to provide value to the homeowners in this given area in the attempt to create a lifelong relationship.

With the right data, scripts, value proposition and consistency this can be a real game changer in anyones business.


It starts with your neighborhoods. Look at neighborhoods you know very well, you or your brokerage have sold a home in or you or your brokerage have just listed a home in.

Do research in these areas. You are going to want to know what the average home price is for the area, recent sales, information on the neighborhoods, and get up date on the area as possible.

Here you will need to do a radius search around a specific property and pull addresses from your local tax search. Once you have that list you will then upload that list to IVY RE DATA. In under 30 seconds IVY RE DATA will have all the information you are going to need to make contact with each home owner.


Knowing what to say to each homeowner is so important. This can be the difference between 1 appointment a day and 5 a day for someone. Roll play and script practice is extremely important and should be done daily. Energy is so important when it comes to speaking with people over the phone. Luckily for you we have you covered on that as well. Click here to download our script list.


Here is where it all comes together. You are going to use your knowledge of the neighborhood from the information that you have collected, your scripts, and your energy to deliver the value.

Offer FREE home evaluations so the homeowner knows what their investment is worth in today market. Offer FREE “cost of improvements” can be added into the valuation if done by the homeowner. This helps with us getting in the door so that we can really build the relationship with the homeowner.


“Consistency is KEY when it comes to circle prospecting. We have built our entire business off of this strategy. You have to stick with it because a small amount of people are ready to BUY or SELL the first time you contact them. That is why it is so important to build the relationship, have the right DATA and follow up. After about 3-6 months of relationship building the number of people that are ready to buy or sell doubles or even triples. 6-12 months even more so.” – Dustin Runyon Team Owner of The Dustin Runyon Team

Prospecting Cancelled &

Expired Listings

The top real estate teams in the nation target MLS Canceled and Expired leads to bring in their best deals.

Why? Because they’re getting in front of a homeowner with a big need –to sell their house!

Ivy solves the biggest problem reaching out to these prospects: finding the seller contact information. Most listing agents remove all of the seller’s contact information from the MLS listing PRIOR to taking the home off the market. We can look up the homeowner AND deliver contact information, automatically and with only the property address.

It gets even better with Ivy’s new Single Lookup feature!

In today’s market of low inventory and high buyer demand, canceled and expired listings are few and far between. Instead of using your valuable time to create a batch CSV file, use our Single Lookup as your perfect solution! If you have lots of leads, or if you just want to explore, you can still order a batch lookup and receive the entire list back in seconds.

We have licensed agents and professionals all over the country using this exact solution for their business:

  • Every morning they do a search in MLS to find the newest canceled and
    expired listings in their market.
  • Open an additional window and log into Ivy RE Data.
  • Search each canceled or expire listing with Ivy’s new Single Lookup.
    You can see ownership information, contact information, property
    details, sale history, loan history, and more!
  • Dial! Email! Text! Beat your competition to contacting the sellers!

Most agents wait 2-3 business days to try and get contact information for recently canceled and expired listings. Some agents wait a week or more to have a title company provide these lists. With Ivy RE Data, you’ll have listing paperwork signed before other agents can even make contact

The same process works for our wholesale and investor clients. Call with a ready-to-go cash offer and no hassle transaction!

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