Use Cases


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Get Pre-foreclosure

Data in just seconds!

Owners of properties in preforeclosure usually have an urgent need to sell. Real estate agents and investors all want details on the latest properties in preforeclosure, either to seek the listing or to make a cash offer to the homeowner. With Target Trace™ you can quickly access property information and homeowner details, including up to 571 million+ phone numbers and email addresses for just pennies per match.

Open House


Use Target Trace™ to get the info you need to market directly to the people who are most likely to buy – the ones who already live in the immediate area of your listing! Drive traffic to your listing and open house, follow up with visitors, and bring in the right offer. Even better? You might spark competitive offers and some future listings.



With the right data, scripts, value proposition, and consistency, prime listings and word of mouth referrals will start flowing. Use circle prospecting to get leads and listings for years to come. Choose a recent closing or a neighborhood you love as your center point. Next, gather information on all the properties within a 3-5 mile radius. (Hint: Target Trace™ makes it easy.) Now, contact as many homeowners as possible. Provide value. Lend expertise. Lather, rinse, repeat. Keep your business top of mind, and you’ll be first in line for listings for years to come.

Cancelled &

Expired Listings

In today’s market of low inventory and high demand, canceled and expired listings are few and far between. Top real estate teams target MLS canceled and expired leads to bring in their best deals. Why? Because they’re getting in front of a homeowner with a big need – to sell their house! Most listing agents remove all of the seller’s contact information from the MLS listing PRIOR to taking the home off the market. With IVY Data, all you need is the property address. Target Trace™ does the rest.

Type in your target address. Click. Get results in seconds. That’s Target Trace™.

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